Unity Feast

Unity Feast is Ending...

For approximately 17 years, the mission of the Unity Feast has been to bring people from all religions and backgrounds together in a spirit of friendship and understanding in order to explore common spiritual values from all the world's major religions. Our goal was to focus on those things we have in common, so that we could do our part to bring unity to humanity ... one person at a time.

The history of Unity Feast was inspired by the memory of a young man, Ganza Rwango, a Congolese who was tragically stabbed to death when trying to bring peace between two individuals in September 1997. Hundreds of people gathered at the funeral, and a few Bahá'ís attending the funeral decided to honor his life by holding regular meetings where people from all faiths and cultures could come together in safety and peace. Thus, the Unity Feast was created.

Through the years, various topics have been discussed—such as Service to Others, Reverence for Life, Spiritual Growth, Unity of Religions, Parents and Children, and Our Relationship with God. Marvelous speakers have added depth and commentary to our programs,

Musicians from our community with talents to share have performed at each of these celebrations; delicious meals have been served; friendships formed.

Our resources have grown small; and regretfully, it has become necessary to suspend Unity Feast until further notice.

We want to thank all who have participated in any way in making Unity Feast the success it has been.


The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens. ~ Bahá'u'lláh